Challenges With Reporting Entertainment

When writing a piece on someone or interviewing them, it has its perks but also has problems. I had to write a story for NSIDE Austin, the magazine I work for, and my boss gave me 3 days to write it, which already was a tight deadline. He only gave minimal information on himself and since he was really busy, I never actually had the chance to interview him. I basically had to go on the internet, do my own research and compile a 500 word story on him, which would be my first actual published piece… EVER. I obviously was stressed and nervous, to say the least. In the end I wrote a piece that I was kind of comfortable with but not fully confident in, but had no choice other then to send it in. Turns out the guy I was writing about actually loved the piece and thought that I captured him as well as his school I was writing about in a great way. The bottom line is, you never know how comfortable the person your writing about is with an interview. They may be rude, shy, would rather talk on the phone, or in my case would rather just email you about themselves and leave it up to you to compile something great.

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