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Dance Like No One Is Watching


Isn’t that just a great quote? I think it is. It reminds me that life isn’t about the day-to-day grind. It’s about enjoying every moment and living life to the fullest.

Here’s the thing…

Have you ever actually danced like no one is watching or sang like no one is listening?

Truth is, most of us are faking it. Sometimes it’s just really hard to be positive. I think I’ve found a solution though.

Two weeks ago I was having a horribly stressful week. It was almost time for finals, so professors were piling everything on us and it was too much to handle. Lets just say I had a complete meltdown. Instead of doing nothing, I did something about it. I decided to blast my two favorite songs; Fun’s “Some Nights” and Florence’s “Shake it out”. That is literally what I did… I shook it out.DANCEINTHERAIN

My roommates were gone, the sun was shining through the windows in my kitchen, and I danced. I danced like no one was watching. I felt completely absurd doing this, but honestly it worked. My mood did a complete 180. You just can’t be in a bad mood when you’re acting silly, its impossible. Especially when you decide your dog is going to be your dance partner, where you hold her over your head and spin in circles… I think I scared her…

To my readers, I give you this challenge. The next time you read an inspirational saying, try living what it says. Put the words into action. Your results might surprise you.

A Natural Ear-Written by: Kat DelGrande Issue: November 2012 | NSIDE Business

So, I’ve been working for NSIDE Austin Magazine for about five months now and my first real article was published in this month’s issue… YAY! I feel like a real grown up now… well kinda, so I will share it with you and then you should also check out the rest of this month’s issue!!

Natural Ear Music School was founded in Austin in 1991. It is owned and directed by Grammy nominated, locally based and internationally known musician John Moyer.

Natural Ear Music School teaches the “natural ear” concept to students, eliminating sheet music and allowing them to expand their skills and express themselves through rock ‘n’ roll.

Having a natural ear for music means that one’s brain has the ability to sense the structure, composition, rhythmic balance and harmonic scale of a piece of music. This enables a strong musical understanding and style of communication that is attainable by anyone.

Moyer is the bassist and backup vocalist for the alternative hard rock band, Disturbed. Disturbed has sold more than 10 million records worldwide, and the band was nominated for a Grammy. Moyer has played on eight major label releases, three of which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart, and has toured the world many times.

Natural Ear Music School instills a passion for music in its students that goes far beyond the basic understanding of an instrument. Students learn to perform guitar-driven rock in a live music format with others, solely by ear.

Through its method of pairing students of similar age groups and experience levels, the school helps form bands in which the students can learn the dynamics of both melody and rhythm naturally.

As they progress, students eventually play at festivals, concerts, local venues and events. By participating in live performances, these students are able to generate powerful, emotional music, creating lasting impressions on not only themselves, but others, as well.

An active musician with a busy schedule, Moyer always makes time for his students and has made work at Natural Ear Music School a daily job. He lives in South Austin with his wife, Kristen, and their two children.

Natural Ear Music School is the first of its kind, teaching students to play music by ear while, of course, rocking out. “I have always loved teaching,” Moyer says, “and I am amazed by the talent of today’s youth, especially in Austin.”

Visitors never cease to be amazed by the powerful performances from the school’s students, who begin performing at ages as young as 7 and clearly know how to rock ‘n’ roll.

NSIDE Austin’s November Networking Event







As you walk past Copa Bar and Grill you are immediately drawn to music and a crowd of people up the stairs at Meduse Lounge.

Conveniently located in between 2nd and 3rd street on Congress is one of Austin’s newest upscale lounges, where NSIDE Magazine hosted their November Networking Event on Monday November 19. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and martinis galore were enjoyed by all while lounging on comfortable black couches, which were surrounded by large fish tanks that were lit up with blue florescent lights. Honoring Charles Maund Toyota and benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis of Austin Foundation there was no one in sight who wasn’t having a great time networking while supporting such a great cause.

Will Myspace Trump The Social Networks Or Fail For A Second Time?

Ask anyone who knows anything about the media and they will tell you that Myspace, the once-dominant social networking site, has been declared dead since as early at 2006. Myspace is like that one girl in high school who once fit in with the ‘popular crowd’ but tried overly hard to fit in resulting in people making fun of her.

Thanks to Justin Timberlake, teen pop explosion from the 90’s and early 2000’s, Myspace is staging a comeback by using the pre-timeline version of Facebook everyone loved. Just kidding about the last part. No but really, just last fall Justin Timberlake was revealed as one of the top investors in this forgotten social networking site, which became ridden by spammers, known as Myspace.

After Facebook’s easy-to-use interface and more user-friendly features won over the hearts of millions of online users, Myspace instantly became a thing of the past. This week, Timberlake and co-owners Chris and Tim Vanderhook presented the new Myspace in Los Angeles. According to Rolling Stone, “the site is now a crisp, design-forward presence full of high-resolution images and a horizontal activity stream.” Picture a specifically social driven music player and discovery engine, which looks something along the lines of a magazine that collided with Facebook all while intertwining Pinterest and Instagram within it. “The site now strives for simplification,” says Rolling Stone, “[and] instead of friends, followers or like buttons, Myspace users ‘connect’.”

It might just be me, but I think Justin Timberlake’s roll as Sean Parker, founder of Napster, in The Social Network got to his head a little too much. Possibly promising “artist-to-artist communication and collaboration, giving fans the opportunity to listen in,” all of these new and possible features depend on “the revived site’s success in winning over former users and a younger generation raised on the likes of Instagram and Tumblr.” For the time being, Myspace will remain invite-only; however, it is now integrated with Facebook, which will allow new users to sign in using their Facebook accounts instead of going through the hassle of creating/remembering a new username and password.

The question on everyone’s mind is, will this revamp really be newer and better? Myspace is the home to 5 million plus unassigned acts, who obviously will benefit from the in-depth analytics that will reveal where fans are listening from; however, is it just going to be an outlet for aspiring musicians or will it trump Facebook and Twitter, becoming the ruler of the social networks again? After a few months or even weeks of messing around with the new Myspace, it is unlikely people will make the transition from Facebook and Twitter, even with all of its new features.

Gangnam Style

Unless you have no idea how this whole social media thing works, but chances are if you’re reading this you probably do, then you’ve seen, Korean pop sensation, PSY’s highly eccentric and entertaining “Gangnam Style” video… you’ve also probably stood in front of a mirror while trying to master his fast-paced, highly sexual, horse riding dance…and if you haven’t… well… knock yourself out.

Yes… the video is pretty much ridiculous… I mean come on, these people are riding around pretending to be horses… but again… unless you have no idea how to use this great thing called the internet, you wouldn’t know that “Gangnam Style” is a parody in and of itself.

With over 250 million views, and counting, PSY pushes the cultural boundaries of Seoul, Korea’s richest, most eccentric, district, Gangnam, in a massively entertaining way.

For years eastern music artists have had the most difficult time making it mainstream in our western society… I mean I don’t see how… all they really had to do was put on some flashy, neon, clothes and dance around pretending to ride a horse all while making hand motions in mid air as if you were spanking someone. PSY… being the genius as he is… realized that in the US… *ding ding*… you guessed it…sex sells…. shocker there. He clearly used this to his advantage while also knowing that chances were we wouldn’t understand Korean… I mean how rude… but hey, any guy that can outsmart an American is A-okay in my book.

Aside from PSY’s ostentatious appearance, I really just don’t think his life is all that. Honestly… why would you want to sit next to a sweaty guy in a sauna, get down with some elders in a tourist bus or swim in a pool?

As I mentioned before, “Gangnam Style” is a parody and as with any catchy song, you can always count on College students to make their own videos showing how our lives are clearly better than everyone else’s…

Now this is what I’m talking about… The “Burnt Orange Tailgating Crew” should be the ones making millions… not this guy PSY,  who is clearly trying to one up us on the amount we spend as consumers… but really… I know The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New Jersey, New York and Orange County could trump his so-called “Gangnam” lifestyle any day.

PSY makes it seem as if he has this lavish lifestyle… but who walks past a group of girls doing yoga and doesn’t do anything… you’re going to have to do a little better than that if you’re going to compete with us…at least UT girls grind all up on those frat daddies…I think we can clearly see who won this dance off.

Some might think that these UT students have this whole parody wrong… but oh no… it is so right. Who wouldn’t want to consume an immense amount of beer… not to mention doing a keg stand before a football game?

All satire aside… maybe looking a little deeper into the meaning behind “Gangnam Style” will do us some good. Although both videos clearly represent different cultures, the depiction of how much each society consumes is one and the same.

Both videos are over-the-top, but maybe that’s what we need… a kick in the face…or some weird dance resembling horses…  in order to get a message across. Maybe we don’t need to have the most valuable things or drink until we puke in order to fit in. Some might say that PSY is a ridiculous moron… or UT students are giving themselves a bad reputation; however, if you take a little time, on this great thing called the Internet, you’ll realize that  you can still have a great time sitting alone on a beach, in PSY’s case, or resting your head on your buddy’s shoulder in front of a TV at a UT tailgate. We could all benefit from trying to control how much the media brainwashes us by consuming a little less and maybe go back to the days when you couldn’t wait to play outside with your dog as soon as you got home from school, instead of playing video games… but hey, what do I know… I’m just another broke college student trying to get by in life…

Either way, both videos are quiet entertaining… so if you’re looking for a way to procrastinate or just to have a great laugh, I would suggest watching these videos over and over again.. or maybe just make your own parody and see how viral it goes.

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