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I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays. My favorite part as a child was trick-or-treating. Not just that, though. The best part of it all was running to my room with my sister, after hours of going house to house collecting as much candy as my bag could hold without breaking, and dumping out everything to see the final result. We would sit in our room for hours, comparing each of our bags and trading the pieces we didn’t want, stuffing our faces with more candy than either of our stomachs could handle.

For the past two years, Jimmy Kimmel issued a challenge to all parents to: tell your children you ate all their Halloween candy, film the whole thing and then post it to YouTube. Previous years the challenge became famous, gaining over 34 million views. Since there was such a great response, he decided to do it again this year.

Here is the clip:

Despite the last three kids’ remarks, one of whom says, “Its alright, I just want you to feel happy,” I, honestly, would have probably been one of those kids to throw a huge fit. I hope everyone had a great Halloween!


Hope everyone’s Halloween is full of tricks and treats!


Hold The Phone, Austin. Get ready to change the way you dial your calls.

Move over 512, a new area code is coming to Central Texas. Due to the rising number of people, traffic and numbers, those three numbers that have represented Austin for over 60 years has new competition. Each area code handles roughly eight million numbers before it is time to issue an overlay; and, seeing that SXSW always manages to leave unwanted stragglers, our one of a kind city with its one of a kind area code is no more.  According to CNN, Austin’s population has increased 51.1% from 2000 to 2010.

Beginning June 1, 2013, those who currently have the, much loved, (512) area code will have to dial (512) or (737) before making a call. Simply dialing seven digits will result in having to kindly hang up and try again. Phone companies suggest Austinites begin this December 1, 2012, as a way to acquire a comfortableness in using the new dialing procedure, come Summer 2013.

The remaining numbers available in the (512) area code aren’t set to run out until late 2013; therefore, for those who wish to change their numbers, but want to keep the beloved (512), it is suggested to do it sooner rather than later. How much growth can Austin absorb before it becomes so congested it destroys the vibe, which draws residents in, in the first place? In other words, is Austin becoming, well, normal?

Romney’s “Binders Full of Women” Becomes Instant Internet Craze

People love to make fun of the dumb things that politicians say, but since social media has become such a huge hit in recent years, the Romney comment has risen to newer heights. After the second round of the Presidential debate, the phrase, “binders full of women”, coined by Republican candidate Mitt Romney became an instant meme. A hilarious tumblr parody, a twitter account (@Romneys_Binder) with more than 13,000 followers and counting, and a Facebook fan page resulted. #bindersfullofwomen became a trending topic on Twitter and the phrase also became the third fastest rising search on Google during the televised debate.

Whether you had the chance to watch the debate or not, you have probably heard this phrase tossed around. The context of this hilarious statement derived from Romney’s response to a question. Obama answered the question by focusing on an act that he signed into law, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. Romney, however, put his foot in his mouth yet again.

Romney started to answer his question by divulging a personal account that he felt was adequate enough to put his opponent’s response to shame. He discussed his time as Massachusetts’s governor and how he strove to hire more women for his cabinet. Since there were no women presented suitable for the position, he related that this was a problem he wanted to change. In typical Romney fashion, he stated:

“And- and so we- we took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. I went to a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks,’ and they brought us whole binders full of women.”

Even though this was completely taken out of context and he actually did something about the problem, this statement happened to do the opposite of making a strong stand for women. The memes prove this, as more and more are posted daily making the binders full of women sound more like a dominant male’s little black sex book.

YouTube is also full of various Binders Full of Women parodies. There was a video made titled “Binders Full of Women feat. Mitt Romney and 2 Chainz.” The title alone is bound to be funny; because, why should the Governor running for office even be in the same sentence with a rapper who makes songs known more for their catchiness than their quality. The video starts off with Governor Romney speaking during the second debate then goes on into repeating the phrase “binders full of women” over a 2 Chainz song. The part of the video that makes it funnier is that it is playing over a slideshow of memes relevant to the joke. Once the song is over, the songs artwork comes up. It resembles the artwork that we see when anyone from GOOD Music releases a song; it is black and red. But in this case the bolded red words for the title are Binders (Full of Women). Below that, usually where the names of the artists is placed are the names, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and 2 Chainz. Good song collaboration, huh?

The Daily Beast’s Jake Heller and Ben Teitelbaum also created a hilarious video. They sing, dance and flip through the laminated pages of their binders as they discuss all sorts of women from Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton and Kim Kardashian. 

I think the question we should be asking ourselves now is ‘what will Romney say next?’


Tonight, the third annual “You Have The Right To Remain Dead Zombie Walk” is happening. Starting in Brush Square Park, Austinites dressed as Zombies take off to the Capital to protest their ‘undead rights’. From there, they head down South Congress to Beale Street Tavern on 6th for some bloody drink specials, zombie movies and a free live music set provided by THUNDEROSA. Those who participate will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win two 3-day passes to FunFunFun Fest.

The past two years, they have frightened hundreds of Austinites, accidentally interrupted an anti-death rally, got kicked out of the Capital and made the local news. I wonder what tricks they have up their sleeve for this year! The walk starts at 5, so put on your deathliest makeup and don’t forget the blood, I know I wont!

I believe in ghosts… I’m a dork

I’m actually really scared to be anywhere alone. Some of you are going to think I’m crazy, but ever since I was young I’ve had a connection and interest with the paranormal. I always feel as if someone is watching me. I know, I’m weird; but, in the spirit of Halloween I will share a personal, but very true, story that happened to me as a child, which, to this day, still gives me the chills when  I think of it.


Uncle John didn’t come home that night.

That’s where the night began.  Mary and I were fighting, per usual, about what movie to watch, Grandma June wouldn’t let us play outside because it was “too cold,” eventually gave us vanilla ice cream-with sugarcoated strawberries of course-and we snuggled into the couch to watch The Lion King.  As the three of us went upstairs to Grandma’s bed we all hear:


“Kathy, go check to see if that’s Uncle John.”

“Uh, ok Grandma” I said, hesitant to get out of bed in the pitch-black room.

No one was there.

“Uncle John?”

Nothing.  No response.  I felt a shiver and a tingle go up and down my spine, scurried back upstairs and jumped into bed as fast as I could.  I turned towards the middle of the bed where Mary was sleeping and cuddled into her while I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night, which I normally don’t do. As I curled over to my right I opened my eyes slightly. I immediately froze. I couldn’t open my lips to scream. No sound was able to leave my mouth. I was utterly fixated with this being.

Lying next to me was a lady: an old lady with long, braided, grey hair, dressed in a long pink nightgown, was staring intensely at me. As I tried to take my eyes off of her, what felt like ice rubbing up the back of my neck instantly shook me out of my half-trance-like-stage, I slowly turned over and tapped my sister on her shoulder.

“M…M…Mary?” I barely squeaked out.

There was no response.

“Mary? Grandma?”

The only response I received was heavy breathing. I turned over again to see if she was still there… she was. She had not moved from her position and was still staring me dead in the eyes. I was entranced. I quickly shut my eyes and turned back over, cuddling up to my sister, hugging her for a mere ounce of comfort or safety.

That morning I woke up alone. My sister and Grandma had already gone downstairs to eat breakfast. As I stretch I suddenly remember the night before and sigh. I was relieved nothing was there.

“What happened last night,” I thought to myself? “Was that real? It must have been real and not a dream, because I was awake… I know for a fact that I was!” As I assumed, my parents didn’t believe me. They thought it was all a dream… I know otherwise.


We all love heading to South Congress during the weekend. Foodies, locals and tourists have come to this spot since 2009 to spend time shopping, while getting a quick bite to eat at the ever-famous food trailers. Four years ago after, the company who houses C3 Presents (the organizer for ACL), plans to build a hotel failed, trailers took over to rent space on the property; however, two weeks ago, the dreaded notification finally came that come March, the owners must pack up their trailers in order to make way for a new hotel.

With the rising number of people moving to Austin in the past few decades, will making way for these new hotels change the vibe of Austin from “weird locals” to a more business corporate crowd? While growth of hotels are needed in order for Austin to be more successful, the food trailers are a local iconic spot and have become a well known spot for tourists in Austin. They can only hope customers will follow wherever they move to… wherever that will be.

Calling All Women…

Young & Fabulous celebrated it’s grand opening tonight with a sip and shop social. Austin Lifestyle Magazine hosted this fun night where dozens of females showed up ready to shop while sipping on some of Austin’s local cocktails. The first 25 people to show up received a goody bag filled with gift cards, special offers and other small prizes. The wonderful Culinary DJ provided music and Jordan Jiminez was the lucky winner of Bobby Schandra’s iPad messenger bag, a $245 value. Shoppers also enjoyed cocktails by Leprechaun Cider and Orange Basil Skinny Tea by Firefly Vodka. All Star Burger provided mini burgers and mini cupcakes and cookies, by Hill Country Cakery, were a crowd favorite.


Located in The Hill Country Galleria, this fabulous boutique specializes in trendsetting women’s fashion. Providing exclusive designs that can’t be found in a typical Austin boutique, Young & Fabulous carries one of a kind couture, shoes, handbags, and accessories, many of which have been spotted on Hollywood’s iconic celebrities. Although Young & Fabulous has only just opened, it has already created a buzz throughout the Austin community as a fabulous, upscale boutique where fashionista’s can go to expand their closets at a great price.

The Naked Cowboy

I get it, New York is a great place and all, but I was personally insulted when I was on Mashable earlier today and came across an article titled “10 people you’ll only see in NYC”. The main picture caught my attention as I thought to myself, “I’ve definitely seen that man before… and NOT in NYC.”

If you’ve ever been to 6th street in Austin, you are familiar with the “naked cowboy”. I’m pretty sure he is there every night and is almost always up for a picture, all while he serenades the drunkards on “dirty 6th”. Personally, I don’t think New York’s naked cowboy stands a chance with Austin’s. Let’s just take a look at these two pictures:

Austin’s Naked Cowboy

NYC’s naked cowboy

1: Clearly Austin’s naked cowboy is representing the United States way better than NYC’s.

2: Cowboy boots simply look better in Texas

3: So, I really can’t come up with any other reason ours is better, he just is… (You’ll get this if you live in Texas).

Take A Walk Down The PINK Carpet

A photographer welcomes you as you walk down the pink carpet. As you approach the giant glass doors, you are handed a grapefruit and champagne cocktail that added vibrancy to the already bubbly mood going on inside of Saks Fifth Avenue Austin, which was decked in pink.

This past Thursday, NSIDE Magazine hosted the “2012 Key To The Cure” launch party benefitting the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. Complementary food from PBK Stem and Stein nourished the hungry and diverse crowd as they perused through the cosmetics, shoes, clothes and silent auction items. Making their way through the racks, they came upon a table hosting The Cupcake Bar that individually designed each cupcake by hand.

Anne Hudson and Wes Womack were found among the crowd as well as Bevo, a personal favorite. Overall the night was a great success, as they not only raised money but also awareness for Breast Cancer and their survivors.

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