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Not Your Typical Cali Boy… Or Texan

Joey Arcidiacono is not your typical Texan. Originally wanting to flee Texas, he realized after three years Chapman University, in California, was not the place for him. As a senior communications major at St. Edward’s with a minor in advertising, Arcidiacono knew there was no better place than “The Live Music Capital of the World” to pursue his music and film career.

Recently attending ACL, where he saw his favorite performer Neil Young, Arcidiacono, “loves Austin because you’re able to just do something fun and interesting everyday.” Although he has plans to travel to Croatia this summer, Arcidiacono plans to attend SXSW again this year as well as continue to submerge himself in Austin’s food, music and film scene. Compared to LA, “Austin is a relatively small town; however, the people are pretty friendly, there is so much to do and you can actually go out and do it.”


Joey has recently been playing music ranging anywhere from, “psychedelic rock to jazz and blues.” Living in Austin allows him play and listen to different types of music, as it differs with whatever environment he is in. With a little over a semester before he graduates Joey makes sure to play music as much as he can, as he, “one day hopes to tour around the country.”


Not Your Typical Eats

Now, I know the majority of us are going to ACL for the music… hence music festival; but, those wishing to not get trampled by sweaty bodies, in hopes of getting close enough to Florence that you can smell her; ACL’s food lineup is just as good, if not better, as the music lineup.

You know when you go to a festival or fair you normally find foods whose motto’s are “the greasier, the better”; well ACL Eats’ motto is clearly “the weirder, the better”. Since we are in Austin, expect everything to be out of the ordinary. You’ll still find traditional Austin favorites like Amy’s Ice Cream, Freebirds, P.Terry’s, SweetLeaf Iced Teas, The Best Wurst and The Mighty Cone; however, don’t be shocked if you come across someone eating rabbit and rattlesnake sausage or elk and beehive sausage, courtesy of Woodshed Smokehouse.If you prefer more traditional food, stop by Mandola’s for a sausage and pepper sandwich, Stubbs for a pulled pork sandwich or The Salt Lick for some sloppy nachos.

Looking for a Gluten Free or Vegetarian option? Not to worry, there are over 15 options to choose from.

Have a sweet tooth? Make sure to find your way to Tiff’s Treats for a Tiffblitz, or get your frozen pop fix in with GoodPop or Snowie. Finally wash it all down with some Fresh Squeezed Best Lemonade, Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages, or Daily Juice.

These are only some of the many food options that Austin EATS has to offer. Without a doubt, you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your taste buds, after working up an appetite from wandering around the 46-acre park.

The waiting is over. The three-day music festival austinites have been anticipating since last September is officially less than 24 hours away. We’ve figured out how to be at 2 stages at once… if we run fast enough… and have our outfits planned out for the ever-famous Zilker-runway. Just bring a poncho and rain-boots, since the weatherman clearly isn’t doing his job very well I’m forecasting a mud fest folks, and an empty stomach – ACL 2012 here we come!

Get ready to walk the ACL-runway

As most austenites know by now, this weekend is ACL. We’ve pretty much memorized all our favorite bands’ lyrics into our heads that we can by now; and, we’ve also planned out, to the minute, how we are going to try to be at two stages at once. ACL, here we come. We’re set.

There’s just one little detail we’ve missed… WHAT TO WEAR!

I can’t believe we forgot that one. How could we?

Not to worry. If Austin is good for one thing, it’s finding something to wear last minute. With all the boutiques up and down SOCO and 2nd street district, we’re sure to find something for the ever-famous ACL-runway.

Here is a list of some of my favorite boutiques, where you’re sure to create three looks that will make this weekend that much better.

Gallery D

Located at 436 W. 2nd Street

Here you can find Jacknboots vintage collection, cutoffs, tees, skirts, dresses and handbags that are sure to get you in the mood to see Florence and The Machine.

Stop by Solid Gold

Located at 1601 E 5th #102

In case it’s a little chilly this weekend, which it might be considering how the weather’s been the past few weeks, you can get your maxi skirt or dress fix in here. Or you can pair this dress and sweater with tights that you can easily put on or take off, just in case.

To top off your outfit and pull it together, don’t forget to go to Touch Of Sass

Located at 500 North Lamar #104

You will find any accessory you need here. Whether you want to pair that burnt orange sweater from Solid Gold with any of these UT color handbags or add a horn necklace to your crop top, your look will be sure to make anyone envious.

If you are the type who would rather do your shopping online, go to Electric Frenchie.

Austin-based, it is an online collection filled with boho chic/indie vintage looks. Be sure to stop by this site tonight to check out their DIY accessory that will fit perfectly with any ACL outfit. They are giving a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this celeb-inspired wrap cuff.

Now that you’ve got the clothing situation figured out, all you have to do now is figure out how to try all the different foods they have this year without stuffing yourself into a food coma…

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